Peter Esch - Models of Offshore Support Vessels

OSV Model Fleet - mine and friends'

UT 712 N Far Scout is part of series of three. The well known design was made by Ulstein where she was build also. But she is different from her sisters due to some equipment for cold areas. I never heard of her doing any job in the arctic. When she was sold she sailed for DOF and and at least Malaviya from India purchased the ship. During her life a heli deck was added. But I decided to build this ship as it was in 1989 when I saw it in Aberdeen. Again the scale is 1:75. The hull is from GRP, the superstructure is from electronical circuit boards. Most parts of the equipment are made from brass. This model is sailing very well. I made trips to Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands and she was reliable all the time. The model has been shown to the shipping company and the designers. Time of building was from 1990 - 1995. A report on the model was published in the German magazine Schiffsmodell June - August 1996
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