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Barra Supplier was a "state of the art" ship in the eighties. The design was named ME 303. Maritime Engineering from Norway developed a modern Anchor Handling Tug Supplier - AHTS. Several vessels of this type were build. Due to the very low main deck she was a so-called wet ship. As far as I know the original is still sailing.
My model was build in scale 1:75 again and took three years. I had a few drawings but due to the copyright I had to construct the hull lines from a docking plan. I also had some sixty photos. The hull was made from GRP, the superstructure is from Polystyrol. Many smaller parts are from brass. Some are produced on a mini lathe.
When the model was finished I was invited by the shipping company to make a trip out to an oil field. I visited the vessel in 1989 in Dundee and lived on board for four days. I will never forget that time. Due to a damaged bow thruster we could not sail. I was not really disappointed because of heavy gales during my time in Scotland. In the port I was not in danger to become seasick...
A report on the model was published in the German magazine  Schiffsmodell January 1992
Length:67.8 m90.4 cm
Breadth:15.6 m20,8 cm
Draught:  5.4 m  7,2 cm

Olympic Supplier ex Barra Supplier

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Peter Esch

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